Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yes, I know it's Saturday, but...

...Yesterday, I was so busy that I was unable to post my Family Friday entry for this week, and I didn't want to skip this one!

Because y'all haven't offered any input yet, on which photos I should share first, I've uploaded 106 more photos. *grin* Included were these photos from Wednesday's picnic with Dad:

As I mentioned before, Dad couldn't let his "vacation" week go by without some family time. He surprised us girls with a picnic in the mountains this Wednesday. It was the first time just us four have been out with Dad for something like that, which felt different, but it also felt special, and was a lot of fun.

Sometimes the simple things bring the most enjoyment. During our drive to the mountains, we had the windows open, and I couldn't help laughing as I watch my younger sisters dissolve in giggling fits because of the wind blowing their hair. When I opened my mouth to talk to Dad, and got a mouthful of Tiffany's hair, their laughter knew no bounds.

We had lunch at this outlook, then spent some time taking pictures of one another, posed on the rocks. I enjoyed the opportunity to practice some photography. Dad was able to give me some tips; he's studied photography. Heather took this picture.

...And then Dad took this one of Heather and me.

And here's the four of us girls again, at a different location that day. I love how all of our heads are on the same level in the photo. It helps me imagine what it'll be like when the little girls are no longer little. I can hardly picture what our lives will be like then! What do our futures hold? Only the Lord knows.

One day we'll all be grown up, and these days will be only memories...

And thanks to our parents and the Lord, they are good memories.


Sarah said...

I loved the photos, Amber! It was so nice to see updated photos of you and your sisters. :) It looks like you had a marvelous time together with your Dad!

I was just getting ready to reply to your previous post and share that I would like to see any photos that you felt like posting! The quilting ones as you know I would like to see, and then the house construction ones would be nice, and I always enjoy gardening photos, so . . . post away! :)

Amber said...

Thanks, Sarah. We did have a wonderful time. Fathers are wonderful people. :)

And I do plan to "post away" soon as I get a break from painting, woodwork, gardening, and sewing! :)

Sarah said...

It sounds like you will be busy, Amber! I certainly understand that! I will look forward to seeing the photos whenever you have the opportunity to post them. :)