Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's Finished!

Yes, Mom's gift is done! After 3 months of work, hours of doing and re-doing, many laughs and groans, Curtis and I have completed Mom's gift. ...With a little help from Dad (with the counter top).

We moved it into place in the kitchen yesterday. I wish I had a "finished" picture, but I haven't had time to take one yet! Until then, here's a picture of me working on it last week. (Photography complements of one of my little sisters.)

This is in our small "workshop" in our basement. Please pardon the mess. :) You can see that all the drawers are out and standing on their ends behind me. At this point I was working on sanding.

Most of the sanding had to be done by hand, but even that created a LOT of dust. And I mean LOT. Can you see the blurriness of the picture? When I was done in there, my hairline, which hadn't been covered, looked as if I had white hair, and my eyes looked like I was wearing sawdust mascara. Really full, white lashes. :)

Anyway, I learned all sorts of lessons while working on this project. Not just skill-lessons, either. I also learned lessons about relating to my brother, patience, and I saw many illustrations of wood compared to mankind. For example -

...No, I won't go into that right now. I need to go plant some peas before the sun gets too hot. I did get to plant beets on Tuesday! Yeah!

Please, would y'all help me pray for rain? We really need it. Every time I step outside, I see the land crying for moisture. The grass is crunchy under foot, where it hasn't disappeared altogether. The tree leaves are turning brown and falling prematurely. Our tomatoes, peppers, and other plants are very stunted in size. The dirt is more like dust than anything else, and blows away in the wind.

If we could see this world through spiritual eyes, I have no doubt that we would see a much drier picture than even our land shows. So many hearts are dead. So many Christians are dry. "Mercy drops 'round us are falling, but the showers we need!"

I want to tell y'all a little of what happened on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, as Curtis and I witnessed to the children during our Bible Club, but I don't want to rush through the story, so I'll have to save it for now.

Until Later,


Sarah said...

Congratulations, Amber!!! How exciting! Thank you for sharing the photo of you working on the project, and I look forward to seeing one of it finished!

Alethea Jordan said...

Hey you should check out my blog. Have you yet? I can't find any comments from you. I did send you an invite. Let me know if I need to send it again.

Amber said...

Thanks, Sarah. I hope life slows down enough for me to take a picture soon. :)

Alethea Jordan, no - I've tried to get on, several times, with the invite you sent me, but it mis-functions every time. Can you send it again, please?