Monday, December 1, 2014

Texting God

Don't you sometimes wish that God had a email address or cell phone?

I've been wishing that, lately. I pick up my phone, bursting with the desire to type out something special that just happened to me, and I scroll through names in my head, deciding who to share the moment with, and the brutal honesty hits me that the one name I really want to send this text to doesn't exist on my phone.

There are certain things in my life that fill me with overwhelming thankfulness, and excite me to the skies, but it's mostly private stuff - little "inside jokes" that only God knows, or prayer requests answered that only He heard. I can't just blast my facebook feed with the details, or text my closest friends every five minutes. But I know He wouldn't mind a text every 2 seconds.

I do pray, and that is such a blessed privilege! I love knowing that He hears me, and only the two of us know about the conversation. That's what best friends do - they have private little chats, that warm their hearts and stay quietly special.

But I can't email or text Him.

I mean, I could write out a text, or email, and He'd for sure see it ....but then what would I do with it? I have a prayer journal, and I LOVE using it, but I type faster than I write, and lately I've been wishing I could dash off dozens of messages and send them somewhere where they'd be safe. I'm a writer to the core.

Besides being that, I guess I'm just a product of this modern age. Too technical, I suppose. Very nonspiritual, to wish I could do such a thing as text God

But don't judge me too quickly.

Maybe it all just means I miss Him....and think about Him constantly. Maybe it just means I can't wait until we see each other face to face. Maybe it means He's my best friend, and I can't help wanting to write Him.

Maybe it means I've finally stopped grabbing for an idealistic concept of how things "should" be with me and God, and realized that I have a relationship. I have Someone Who is in love with me and (it feels good to admit it) Whom I'm in love with in return.

Who cares if you're not "supposed" to think about texting God? The fact is, I do.

What about you? Do you secretly have some crazy wish that is born out of a sincere desire to be closer to the One you love?

P.S. I haven't forgotten that I need to share the second half of the Jess Dress story. It will be up eventually! :)