Monday, August 18, 2008


I just might have time to work in the garden today. The lack of rain is really taking a toll on the plants, as you can see by comparing this recent picture to earlier ones:

In the bottom left corner you can see my now-dead squash plants, and in the back two beds (upper center of the photo) you can see our bush beans, which basically turned brown before giving us any fruit.

But I don't mean to sound pessimistic. I'm so glad God's given us enough land to have a garden, and I'm thankful for a Dad with a green thumb. :) I'm also thankful Dad teaches me what he knows, and lets me do a lot on my own with our garden.

Today I plan (read: "if I finish laundry, a computer-related task, dishes, and painting,") to plant beets and carrots in one of the beds that is now holding the dead bean plants. I'll tear those out, add vermiculite to the soil (to help it hold more moisture), add some compost, turn it all up really well, and then plant.

At least our tomatoes did okay this season. We had 30 tomato plants, which would have given us a humongous harvest if the soil had been better, and enough rain had fallen. Even as it was, we had enough to supply us with tomato sandwiches almost every lunch, and some left over to make into sauce. Now the supply is beginning to taper off.


...if I don't get to the garden, I'll have plenty of other things to keep me busy. I and my brother, Curtis, are preparing for a evangelism outreach that we will be doing today, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Lord willing.

Some friends have invited us to reach out to the children in their neighborhood by hosting a three-day Bible Club. We will be able to clearly present the gospel through this. I'd really appreciate if y'all would pray for the Lord to prepare the hearts of these children. I've seen a lot of child evangelism that simply pressures children to "pray a prayer," and we don't want that. We want the Holy Spirit to truly claim some of these children for Himself.

May each of us show Jesus to the world today!

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Sarah said...

Did you have the opportunity to work in the garden, Amber? I pray that you all will receive some rain soon!

Our tomatoes did not produce nearly as well as what we had expected either. I had been hoping to make salsa and can other tomato based things, but there just was not enough of them. Maybe next year. :)

I will be praying for you, your brother and the children that you will be working with! Please let us know how it all goes!