Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm back in the land of the living

Hello, world!

I've just spent almost six days in a phone-less, Internet-less environment.

It was great.

My apologies to those of you whom I told that I would be on vacation for a week, and able to check my email and post on my blog. I was wrong.

But I didn't mind that much. It was great to be with my family so much, and have nothing much else to think of.

But let me back up and explain where I really was this week.

My family took a trip to Asheville, North Carolina. Unlike most of our family trips, which are for visiting extended family (which is wonderful, by the way), this trip was just for touring purposes and the like.

I can't wait to share all about my week with y'all, but I have to sit down and collect my thoughts, so I don't overwhelm you with a very energetic but random and wild post. After all, we only got home an hour ago.

Besides...I want to finish the book I was reading in the van. :)

Until my thoughts are collected, my suitcase is unpacked, (and the book is finished), I'll leave you with a few highlights:

~ IT RAINED HERE YESTERDAY!!!! Our neighbor across the street said she couldn't see our house for the rain. As we drove home, we could see that the parking lot of the plaza nearest us was still full of puddles - on asphalt. Our yard is soaked, and the scent of water still hangs in the air. I think the 2-month drought may be broken. Thank You, Lord! Our rain barrels are filled to the brim, and slosh water out if tapped ever so slightly. There are more ripe tomatoes on our vines than I can count, one of my marigold plants has four bright yellow blossoms on it, and our lovely red dust is now lovely red clay! I love it!

~ I almost always pray for our family before we go on a trip, that we may be a blessing to those we meet, be a shining testimony, and good witnesses. This time, I added to my prayer; I asked God to pour out His blessings on us, and bring us home spiritually refreshed. I asked Him to bring many of His people into our path, and let us fellowship with many other believers. I begged Him to bless us richly. He answered my prayers abundantly! I can't wait to tell you about the ways God used His people to pour out blessings on us in the past few days.

~ I have come home with all sorts of craft inspirations and historical stories flitting through my brain. We toured many historic spots and visited a museum.... my mind is bulging with what my senses have taken in throughout the week. Theme parks and amusement rides might be what thrills others, but I LOVE history, and this week has been GREAT!

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Sarah said...

Welcome back, Amber! It sounds like you had a wonderful trip! I look forward to hearing what you have to share about it. :)

What a blessing that you all received rain! I am so happy for you!