Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rules for Making Breakfast in an Under-Construction Kitchen:

~ First, enter kitchen, and feel the cool morning air that is seeping through the open windows and insulation-less roof. Go fetch a sweater.

~ Wash the table well to remove the dirt and grime that has settled on it during the night.

~ Wake up your strong younger brother, so he can move the stove back against the wall, so it can be plugged in.

~ Wash the burners on the stove. Burning drywall dust STINKS.

~ Go out to the living room and spend about five minutes locating all the ingredients and dishes you need to fry some eggs. (The eggs, of course, are in the refrigerator. The frying pan is under some dish towels on the love seat, and the oil is hidden behind the sack of potatoes.)

~ Ask your younger sister to locate the toaster, and bread, and start making toast.

~ Do not drop the oil on your way to the stove. (Explanation obvious. *grin* No, of course, I wouldn't do that!)

~ Do not crack eggs by tapping them against the edge of the table - especially if you forgot to wash the edges of the table, and they are still coated with gray drywall dust. Eggs+drywall dust= unappetizing.

~ When the food is ready to be eaten, make sure to wipe down all the places your family will be sitting, or else you will have....well, you know.

~ Enjoy your food.

~ Get back to work.

Oh yes, folks, we're having fun!

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