Saturday, August 9, 2008


I'm so surprised!

I've received a blog award from Meredith Ivy:

"Brillante Weblog;" sounds pretty cool, huh? Thank you, Meredith Ivy. You've encouraged me to keep trying to be a light for my Saviour in my tiny little corner of the web. Sometimes I wonder if I'm reaching any young ladies at all, but then one of you will drop a comment that simply makes my day, lets me know someone - at least - is being blessed, and gives me so much more back than I've given out.

I think the best part of all this is that I get to pass it on! I believe the rules are that I can give this award to seven other blogging friends.

So, I'd like to give this "Brillante Weblog" award to the following:

~ To Crystal, at Biblical Womanhood, for introducing me to blogs and blogging, and for being an encouragement to me in so many ways that she doesn't even know about.

~ To Sarah, at As Lilies Sewing, for blessing my soul with her posts, and for being so kind as to comment on here very often. :)

~ To Tammy, at Tammy's Recipes, for doing such a good job at upkeeping her blog consistently, for being real, and for recipes that work EVERY time! :)

~ To Bethany, at Bethany's Blog, for doing such a good job at tying together marvelous photography, words of wisdom, and spiritual encouragement.

~ To Ms. Nina, at Portugal Bound, for taking the time, as a busy missionary wife and mother, to let the rest of us know what it's really like to be serving the Lord in another country.

~ To my sister, Heather, at I Peter 5:7, for a heart that longs to reach others for Christ.

~ And to Kim at Life in a Shoe, because of her tongue-in-cheek style of writing that reminds me that all written work should contain a drop of humor.

I believe I can't pass the award backwards, Meredith, or I'd include you. :) Thanks once again!


Nina in Portugal said...

Thank You Amber! You are so precious. Thank You for your encouraging words. God Bless You!

Sarah said...

Oh, Amber, you are so sweet! Thank you very much!

I am glad that my blog has been a blessing to you . . . I know that you yourself and the words and insight that you share here have been a blessing and encouragement to me! Thank you! :)

Tammy L said...

Thank you so much for your kind words! :)