Monday, August 18, 2008

Answered once again

The world thinks of "happiness" as synonymous with the strangest things.

We've just come home from a little shopping trip. At the checkout, I met eyes with the lady cashier and smiled.

"Well, you're sure smiling big today," she observed.

I responded with another smile.

"Let me see if I can guess why you're so happy."

I tilted my head a little, which she took as permission.

"'re getting married?"

I laughed and shook my head.

"You're leaving for college?"

Another shake of the head.

"You're brother is leaving home?"

Another shake of my head, but I felt like crying at that one. "Why should she think that would make me happy?"

"...Um," she turned to my youngest brother, who was standing behind me. "Well, where's your smile? What's the matter?"

Justin's smile peeped out, and he shrugged his shoulders. He's always been a little shy.

"Did your girl friend break up with you, right before you came in the store?"

I couldn't believe that one. He's not even a teenager.

"Well, if she did, do you want me to go beat her up? I'll do that for you, 'cause I like you. I think you're a cool kid."

I could tell she was trying to make him laugh. He smiled politely, but he didn't laugh. How could he?

All I could think of was how shallow the world's train of thought is. I like this cashier. We've had her many times in that store, and she's always ready to strike up conversation. But I always come away from her thinking how saw her life must be. How empty. How devoid of purpose.

Then I suddenly remembered the million-dollar-bill tracts I keep in my purse. The world may have shallow thought lives, but money sure makes them take notice.

"Here - here's something to make you happy," I said as we were about to leave.

She took the fake bill and smiled. "Well, okay. Thanks. Hey - a thousand dollar - no, a million dollar bill! Thank you very much." She turned it over and over, skimming the fine print on the back that proclaimed the gospel message. I saw her set it nearby as she turned to take the next customer.

Then I saw a lady in the next lane, straining to see the bill. "May I look? I've never seen one of those before."

I realized that she thought the bill was real.

"Oh, here; you can have one."

She took it and looked at it.

"You can keep it," I said.

"Is it real?" She quickly held it out to me again.

"Oh no, it's fake. It's okay - you keep it."

She smiled and took it back.

We walked away, out the store door. It wasn't until we were in the parking lot that I remembered.

I had prayed just yesterday that the Lord would give me witnessing opportunities. He's answered me once again!


Sarah said...

Thank you for sharing, Amber! And thank you for your boldness in being a witness and light of Christ! Each time that you go to that store now, that cashier will have more opportunity to see Christ living through you. May the Lord work on both of these ladies' hearts and may they truly seek Him!

Sarah Jane said...

That's wonderful! His Word will never be ineffective (or is it uneffective?) I will be praying for these two ladies and the million dollar bill tracts are a great idea. There was a 'fad' for them at my church a while ago, but no one seems to use them around here anymore. But they sure get people's attention!

Amber said...

Ladies; I am also praying that God will work on their hearts. Thanks for your prayers.

Sarah Jane; Yes, the million dollar bills work really well as attention-grabbers! Did you use "The Way of the Master" tracts?