Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Help Requested

Okay, y'all.

This is to every single one of my readers - even the ones that never comment. (Yes, I know you're out there; I have a blog counter! Besides, some of you I know personally.)

I am having trouble deciding what to post about. So I'm asking you.

What would you rather read about?: Gardening tips? Sewing projects? More organization jobs? New recipes I've been trying lately? What my family has been up to?

Or what about topics I haven't really approached yet on "The Fruit of Her Hands"? Photography? Writing? Childcare? Budgeting? Music? Driving? (Yikes. Only thing I can tell you there is what NOT to do!)

Or maybe we could get into the more detailed discussions about modest clothing, Bible versions, evangelism, and things like that.

Or maybe (and this is a big maybe) you are like me, and when you find a blog on the internet, you begin to wonder about the author, and wish you could ask them questions about themselves.

So.....with all these "maybes" combined, I hereby open the poles and ask (beg, plead, beseech..)for some input. What should I blog about next?


Anonymous said...

You should blog about the tongue, Amber. How we need to be careful of what we say. Not only that it's right/true, but also loving and God-honoring :) I've been thinking about this one for a while! How I really need to watch what comes out of my mouth he he!

Sarah said...

Hi Amber, I don't know if i can help you but, i will try,
Maybe you could put pictures on your blog of your family and some on of your family with your animals. Or u could put on some of your favorite recipes. Do you have any old pictures when you were a baby? you could tell some funny stories when you were a kid.
Or you could talk about vacatoins. Have you had any Big vacations, like for a whole month?
Hope i was a Help.

Anna said...

Oh, that is such a hard question!
Well, lets see. I love reading about peoples families when I go to a blog!
And you also mentioned photography!! I'm sorta "working" on that right now, so I'd love anything you might have to share along that line!
Be fun to also hear your driving tips AND experiences :D


Tilly said...

I'm always interested in quilting/sewing/crafting etc....that's what got me started reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

Gardening, I love pictures of your garden.