Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another Quilt

Look at the quilt I have to show today!
For those of you who missed my first "Quilt Show" post, if you scroll down just a bit, to a few posts ago, you will see that I've recently had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a quilt show. I took lots of pictures, and I'm sharing them with y'all, one quilt at a time.
This quilt, called "The Virginia Album Quilt" was my second favorite quilt at the show. (Of course, being a Virginian doesn't influence me in the least :))

All that applique! The lady who quilted it took me under her wing and gave me all sorts of quilting tips. She said this quilt was a "blue ribbon quilt" - she won a blue ribbon for it at some fair. I can believe it! Beautiful!The quilting was all done by machine, and I think the applique was done by hand, and the piecing by machine.

The quilter seemed to like adding pretty touches like these to her work. Those are little pearl beads in the center of each flower!

These swags are 3-D; really pleated and draped like that!
Ahh, what inspiration! Who wants to join me in making an applique quilt?

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