Monday, April 21, 2008

What happens when you forget about your plants?...

...This happens when you forget about your plants.

Look at my poor little marigolds!

The Lord has been sending us lots of rain lately - usually on the weekends. After the drought we had last year, I'm not complaining. And anyway, the sun comes out for a few hours at least every other day, and in the middle of the week the temp. got up to 89 degrees.

So, on Friday, I set my flat of marigolds out on top of our rabbit cages, right in the sun. I could almost feel them soaking up the real sunlight, after all the artificial light they've been under.

On Friday night, the weather was mild, so I left the plants outside over night. No harm done.

They continued flourishing through Saturday.

We had a terrible downpour on Saturday night. The rain poured down hard. Really hard.

And the above picture is what I saw when my little sister came running up to me when we got home from church Sunday afternoon. "Amber, your marigolds are squashed!"

*Sigh.* I had forgotten all about them.

I drained about 2 and 1/2 inches of water out of the pan they were sitting in, and hoped the sun would dry them out.

When we were at church Sunday night, the sun disappeared, and we had another down pour.


When we got home, my brother Justin went out in the rain and dark with me to drain another few inches of water out of the flat, and then bring it indoors.
And that's where my marigolds are sitting now.

Amber is sitting at the computer, contemplating the necessity of a good memory, if she wants to be successful in growing living things.

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