Monday, April 7, 2008


Ahh, what a difference a day of rest makes!

Was it a coincidence that one of the messages I heard yesterday was on the topic of "attitudes"? Certainly convicting.

I was glad that I had been rebuked by my conscience and the Spirit on Saturday, and gotten things right before the sun went down. But hearing on Sunday that "you choose your attitude - it's not like you can't help it," and "God lets those trying things come into your life to let you see what's inside yourself - those things bring out the sinfulness inside you so you can see just how bad you are," was certainly a good reminder. ...And a timely one.

Another message I heard yesterday was about the "generation gap" in our churches today.

Titus 2 talks about the older people in the church building relationships with the younger ones, and passing on what they've learned. Listening, I was suddenly deeply impressed with a sense of thankfulness. How kind God is, to design things this way - how much trouble and heartache it will save us younger folks, if the older believers in our lives will teach us what they've learned through rough experience!

I was a bit surprised to have another idea enter my thoughts - "I am older than someone." I mean, I can't just shrug off Titus chapter 2 as being for only "those folks over 40." Paul didn't put an age limit.

I do think that the older woman are to be the primary teachers. ....But the fact remains that I am older than someone. There are always girls younger than me. My younger sisters. Their friends. The little ones, toddling around our church. What am I teaching them? Do I build relationships?

I can remember being one of "the younger girls" quite clearly. I can remember lots of teenagers, or girls in their early twenties, who turned their backs or stopped talking when I came around. Worse, I remember those who spoke down to me, patronizingly.

Those few older girls who took the time to greet me, and speak to me girl-to-girl, I remember with a surge of thankfulness. By just smiling at me and treating me as if they wanted to be friends, they became overwhelming beautiful in my eyes. I admired them extremely. Everything they said to me I treasured.

Now, if I watch for it, I can see that same sparkle come into a younger girl's eyes when I talk with her girl-to-girl. I have lots of girlfriends who are younger than me. From the five-year-old who tells me what she helped mommy with that week, to the 12 and 13-year-olds, who just want to hang out together, I am blessed with lots of friends! It is so rewarding when one of them wants to confide in me, or asks my advice. I pray that I am being the "older woman" God wants me to be.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the timely reminder to be looking out for others ... to truly be that caring big sister to our little sisters and those that perhaps need someone to take their hand and speak Christ, speak love, speak care to their heart.

In Christ,
Amy in NY

Claire said...

wow, Amber, so many of your posts hit home with me. God has truly blessed you with the gift of writing, and writing in a way people can truly understand it and apply it to their lives. Most people can't do that. Anyway, this post reminds me yet again to watch what I say and LISTEN TO ALL and never leave anyone out just because of their age!