Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another quilt...and other things

Here is another picture from the quilt show. I liked the color combinations on this, and the fact that is was patriotic. If I remember correctly, the quilt is all machine-made, and was designed by the quilter who made it.

...But, in all truth, I'm really not interested in quilts this morning. I have other things on my mind.

Sometimes, though I love to work with my hands, I look around at the people I know, and the world I see, and the problems that are there just overwhelm me. I think to myself that cooking, sewing, and cleaning are just wastes of time. They don't seem to solve the bigger problems.
And, by themselves, they don't solve any problems. I know that. So why bother? Why even blog about various skills of womanhood?

Because they are a means to an end.

Like I said a few posts ago, talents and skills are made to be used for the kingdom of God. They open doors for me.

They also help my personal walk with the Lord. No kidding. Do you remember the creation account, and then how Adam and Eve sinned, and then were cursed? Do you remember how God says to Adam that the ground will be cursed "for thy sake"? That's very interesting.

"For thy sake."

With sin came many things; thorns and thistles, and fightings and depression. That last thing is something I've struggled with personally. I only found out recently that depression is common amongst all people. 'Specially American women.

I've heard a preacher say that depression is caused 99% of the time by sin. Great. That was the last thing I wanted to hear. I was discouraged and depressed because of how often I sin and fail, and I wanted to do better. Telling me that I was depressed because I was sinful didn't seem to help any.
If there's some area where I'm not obeying the Lord, then I need to get it right, and sometimes that is what I need to brighten and encourage my life.

But other times, I'm just in the dumps, and I can't get a grip on myself. That's when skills help. That's when work helps.

Through trial and error, I have found that a great deal of movie-watching or novel reading causes me to give in to depression, and work helps me fight it. Work and music.

Work is God's cure.

Brain work doesn't work very well. Often, if I'm "in the dumps" I simply can't concentrate. But working up a sweat in the garden? Scrubbing the kitchen 'til it shines? Hanging laundry outdoors? Biking miles until I'm panting? Walking for miles in the quiet outdoors? Ahh. Now that works wonders.

Maybe depression is becoming rampant in America because we've got so many machines to take over our work for us.

Maybe God knew what He was doing when He cursed the ground for our sakes.
Of course He did.


Anonymous said...

What an encouraging post. I stopped by your blog to visit and let you know I saw your quilt at the Library. It was beautiful. I'm so glad I chose today to read your post. I had never stopped to think about those 3 words in Genesis and how vitally important they are. I am sure that the lack of hard work and the increase in depression in this country are linked. Thank you for your insight and for sharing God's wisdom.
Mrs. G

Claire said...

wow, Amber. wow. That's a great thing to ponder.