Monday, April 14, 2008

Another Quilt

Whew! It's Monday again.

I had a lovely Sunday - hope y'all did as well. The sermons at church were excellent, and I could really feel the Lord working among His people. In Sunday School, Pastor spoke about how we must sow our seeds in life, and remember that we won't always see the results right away. If you read my Saturday post of this week, you'll know why I smiled when I heard Pastor say that.

I sure needed a good Lord's Day to get me ready for this week! This Monday has not been, profitable, I guess I should say. I haven't done everything that I had on my mental "To Do" list. I did do the dishes and two loads of laundry, however! Here's another quilt picture from the quilt show:

Isn't that pattern something?
This quilt was made from a commercial pattern, by a very accomplished quilter. She had two quilts at the show - the other one was designed from scratch. I like the play on color in this quilt. I can't remember for sure, but I think this quilt was made entirely by machine.
Don't all these quilt pictures inspire you? I have so many projects I want to start! I must learn self-control!

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