Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thank you

Thanks to those of you who have contributed posting ideas! You've started all sorts of post topic ideas running around in my mind. decide where to start!

I would love to post more about my family and how we operate. And about our animals, ...and my driving experiences... and all the things y'all have mentioned. You may start seeing more posts on those topics. :)

One of you also mentioned tongues. What powerful tools! As the book of James says, behold what a great fire it can kindle!

That reminded me of something I've been "rehearsing" in my mind. Something I've wanted to say, but haven't.

You see, I'm always thinking of something I wanted to say, or should have said, but didn't say during a conversation. Ever had that happen to you?

Here's one grand question that I am asked constantly. A question that, afterwards, I always wish I had answered differently: "Are you going to college?"

Usually I reply with a simple "no, I am working at home." But what if I told the whole truth? My reply might go something like this...

"...Well, Sir (or Ma'am), do you remember Titus 2, where the older women are instructed to teach the younger ones, about being pure, keepers at home, lovers of their children and husbands? All those things?
"I have found a delightful 'older' woman, with her husband, who has agreed - well, actually, invited me - to stay in their home. To live with this lady, and to be discipled every day in these areas! She teaches me about running a household, with all the economics and skills that includes. She teaches me to love children, and how to submit to authority.
"I have lots of extra time for other things, of course. Living with this precious couple still leaves me opportunities for outside ministry...and going out in my turn and discipling girls who are younger than me. And I do study some academics on my own still. I'm learning lots of history, for example. I love history! Academics are just not the main focus, like it would be on a college campus. I have time for other things.
" Besides all, this woman's husband is also investing in my education. Everything I do while I'm living under his roof has to have his blessing, of course. But, as a godly, wise man, he offers me so much more than that. He is teaching me doctrine and theology. He gives me good counsel, and teaches me how to submit to authority. I am so thankful to both of these people.
"The environment I am in right now is so rich. I am learning so much! I would never, ever, trade it for a college campus. So, Sir (or Ma'am), the answer is 'no,' I am not going to college. I live with my parents."

I can't imagine the look I would get if I said all that. I might really kindle a fire.

It's not that I'm against college. I'm just for the concept of living where I'm learning the most!

Only girls who have also made the choice to live at home in their "college years" can understand what I mean when I say I get tired of that question "Are you going to college?"

But it's not the people's fault. They just assume what our culture has taught them to assume. So we must be patient, girls, and learn to use our tongues right. Perhaps a simple "no" is the best answer in most cases.

...But I will still love to find out what would happen if I did say all that to someone!


Sarah said...

Hi Amber, I 'm probly gonna go to college. I'm gonna go to Bob Jones University if i do, It is in south Carolina, Were my Grandma And Grandpa live. I will stay with them when i go. I know Emily will go to college and stay with them.
Austin on the other hand might not go to Bob Jones University, but he might.


Tilly said...


I had a question about that quilt show you went too...any chance you have pictures of any Lone Star quilts? I'm getting ready to start one, and I'm look for ideas for color layout etc...thanks!
(S&S sewing board)