Friday, May 30, 2008


Well, here's my sewing area as it appears this morning. If you think it's still a little messy, you should have seen it yesterday!!

Mom always says that God is a God of order, and it feels so good to have my surroundings ordered and clean, instead of cluttered and hectic.

I've still been dreaming about what I want to do here next. The ironing board you see on the right will be covered with a cheery red and white star-print fabric, and the filling cabinet under it (where I keep my patterns), I'd like to paint red.

The table against the wall with the window is now my cutting table, which Mom is loaning to me. I've never had a table just for cutting before! I even drove some nails in the shelf above so I could hang my cutting mats.

The boxes below the cutting table are ALL FILLED with fabric. I nearly had to sit on the last one to shut it. The laundry basket is holding what didn't fit in the boxes. (And, yes, you do see jeans in the basket. It's NOT dirty laundry; I collect old jeans to use for fabric!)

Here is some of my "red stuff." Isn't it cheerful? Every single red container in my sewing area has been a gift from somebody who knew I liked red for my sewing area.

So, there's the bit of progress I have made in the past two days. get some of my sewing projects done!

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