Friday, May 2, 2008

Much better than TV

She looketh well to the ways of her household...Prov. 31:27
Welcome to Family Fridays!

I know I've already touched briefly on this topic for a previous Family Friday, but I'm bursting to discuss it again.......


Guess what I received yesterday?

A mandolin! (no, that's not in the picture - that's one of my siblings playing a guitar!)

I had ordered it last week, and it seemed to take forever to arrive.

Last night, my brother Curtis and I spent nearly an hour tuning the thing, and then started picking! I have already learned a little bit of fiddle, and since the mandolin has the same fingering, I had a head start in learning the mandolin.

Curtis started playing guitar with me, and then who should sneak into the bedroom with us but Justin and Heather? They grabbed a banjatar and harmonica, and the four of us just sat and played one song after another.

Who needs TV?

When we finally looked at the clock, it was way past bedtime! Opps.

I spent the night dreaming about my mandolin, and this morning, as soon as everyone else was awake, I was at it again. Curtis and I had fun with music for nearly two and a half hours straight this morning!

I'd like to urge every one of you to incorporate music into your family's life. There's nothing like it!

Oh - and as an added bonus, I have a frugal tip for the day: When ordering my mandolin, I actually just added to an order that a friend of mine was doing. She also was buying a mandolin, from the same company. Together we got free shipping (for spending a certain amount) and a nice discount on the total price because of a sale. Very nice! ...Now...I can't wait to get together with her when we have time to play!


Mom2fur said...

Oh, my gosh, a mandolin! You're too funny. I bet you're having a ball with it!

Miss Carey @>---'---- said...

How delightful! I'm thinking about getting a mandolin. What company did you get yours through?


Miss Carey