Friday, May 9, 2008

Didn't think I would...

Well, what do you know? I actually have a free moment to sit down and write a post!

We've been having a lovely visit with my grandparents, who arrived yesterday afternoon. Our house has been very busy, with us trying to do everything we can together before their visit is done.

Do you know what's frustrating? I had a photo of my marigolds that I wanted to share today, (I've discovered some buds!) and our little camera memory card has decided it doesn't want to communicate with our computer, so....

...Let's get on to the more cheerful subjects....

She looketh well to the ways of her household...Prov. 31:27
Welcome to Family Fridays!

If wives are the completer of men, then mothers must be the completer of families.

What is it about the special love that forms between a mother and her child even before the child is capable of reasoning? What is it that makes a mother sacrifice so much for her children?

On the other hand...Why is it that motherhood no longer automatically stands for all that is good and noble? Why do we have mothers today who care so little for their children? Why are there mothers today who are selfish instead of selfless, impatient instead of understanding, and so focused on the outside world rather than what's going on in the lives of their children?

Good and godly mothers are even more valuable today, because they are rare today.

So today I'd like to say how very thankful I am for my mother. What a gift God gave me when He placed me in her womb!

Mom is patient when I am rude and upset with the whole world.

Mom laughs when I need someone to find me amusing.

Mom teaches me when I'm groping for answers.

Mom does so many menial tasks - all for the love of her family and God - that I'm just starting to find out about.

Mom is a listening ear when I need it the most.

I guess, above all else, good mothers are good servants. Someday I hope to be blessed with the title "mother," and when I look at Mom, I realize I have a long way to go before I have the selfless and serving heart I will need.

That selfless and serving heart comes from only one source; closeness to the Saviour. I know that. I'm so glad Mom values her Lord even more than her family, because we reap the benefits of that.

If you have been blessed with a godly mother, go find her right now and tell her you love her. Don't just say "thank you for all you do." Tell her the details. Tell her thanks for the hugs. Tell her thanks for not yelling at you all the times when she had a perfectly good reason to do so. Tell her thanks for telling you about Jesus.

I can't say everything that is going on in my heart right now.

I love you, Mom.

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