Monday, May 5, 2008


Today is the first Monday in the month of May.

So...though I skipped the month of April, I would like to pick back up with "Sister Day," celebrated on the first Monday of every month. "(No, you haven't missed something on your calendar, and yes, my older sister and I invented this!)

Today is a time to ponder the relationship you have with your sister/sisters.

I could wish that all of my readers have sisters, have godly sisters, and have wonderful relationships with them, like I do. In this world, however, I know that's probably not true for all of you.

Perhaps you have no sisters. I have several friends like this. In a way, I pity them for the wondrous things they are missing out on, but every time I feel that way, the Lord has to remind me that He knows what's best for each person. He knows whether a girl needs blood sisters or not.

But whether a girl has blood sisters or not, God has provided a wonderful group of sisters for those who are part of His family. I am so thankful for the spiritual sisters I have in Christ. This year, particularly, I have begun to develop those relationships more, and appreciate them more. I am learning to truly love like a sister - to care,... to give,... to respect them like sisters.

...This particular sister has had a very busy day that isn't over yet, and her free time has just run out! ...I have responsibilities to tend to. Sorry to break off, but I just want all my spiritual sisters (that includes you blood sisters too!) to know: I love you!

P.S. I'd like to invite anyone who wants to leave a comment about sisters to do so. I'm sure each one of you could contribute something good to this topic!

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