Saturday, May 17, 2008

So things don't always go the way we want them to...

Up until now, I could say that we've never had a virus on our family computer.

Up until now, that is.

Today I am posting from a library computer. Our computer at home has decided to leave us.

It's very frustrating to have a computer die on you. Especially if you loose a lot of files.

But there's one good thing. It's a very good life lesson.

We caught the virus because our computer protection and fire wall was turned off. I've learned this week that the average time it takes for a computer to be bombarded by viruses after it connects to the Internet is 7 seconds.

What about the spiritual realm? My protection and strength is in Christ. He tells me about my spiritual armor in Eph. 6. Salvation, prayer, His Word, preparation of the gospel of peace, truth, and many other things are my defensive and offensive weapons in this spiritual war that has engulfed our world for ages past and has yet to reach a climax.

Spending time with the Lord in prayer and in His Word charges me up with what I need to fight. Being close to Him is my protection.

When I become isolated from Him, the wall of defence begins to break down, and you know what? I bet it doesn't even take the devil 2 seconds to start firing his flaming arrows. So I'd better stay close to Christ.

So, while my posts may not be as frequent, until we get a new computer, I am thankful to have that bit of learning gained from this experience.


Anonymous said...

You said, "Spending time with the Lord in prayer and in His Word charges me up with what I need to fight. Being close to Him is my protection."

Oh, I SO agree! It's that absolutely necessary quiet time on a daily basis that provides the quiet calm undercurrent for the day.

Stand fast in the Lord,
Amy in NY

Anna said...

Hey Amber,
That is so funny...not that your computer got a virus, but that WE have experienced the very same thing these past several days! :) (hence why I haven't commented in a while :)) Yes, our computer has had a major virus. In fact,my Mom, one of my sisters and I went to OUR library to use the internet! :D But, I think we our in the process of recovery, thanks to some wonderful help from a neighbor. At least it's working right now. :) I hope ya'll can get a new one soon...or get your computer fixed... or is it totally hopeless?