Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Today at Lunch

Lezley said "Mommy, for supper tonight, can we have a pillow dinner?"

All 6 of us around the table stopped eating and looked at her.

Undaunted, Lezley turned to her sister. "Tiffy, tell her what I mean." Then she turned back to Mom. "You know, the little pillows. They're stuffed with meat and cheese and stuff. Can we have pillows for supper?"

Tiffany explained. "She means ravioli, Mom."

"What's ravioli?" Lezley asked.

"What you've been describing." Mom smiled.


Jenny said...

That is absolutely adorable. How old is she?

Alethea Jordan said...

Oh, dear. I would have LOVED to be there.

Sandra said...

That is so cute, Amber. I always thought your little sister was really cute, and this proves it.