Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another Gift

Today I'm showing the gift a gave my other little sister for Christmas. This one, too, was made without a pattern, but somehow it turned out right the first time!

No, it's not a Bible carrier, though Lezley's Bible fits in it.

It's a purse!

Though you can't tell from the photos, this purse is made of scraps. The outside striped fabric is from an old skirt that I had already used to make something, and all that was left was bits and strips. I had to piece things together to get enough fabric that was wide enough for these pattern pieces. The inside fabric was easier, since I was cutting from a nice amount of yardage.

There is batting between the layers, and in the handles. The front strap attaches with a snap, and the bows are simply tacked on for decoration. There are three pockets in the middle section, which is only attached at sides of the purse, not the bottom.

Now, for my favorite attraction: ....

First, I must say that Lezley used to make a habit of asking to borrow my pocket mirror every time we got in the van to go to church. She'd use it to check her appearance and touch up her hair. (Hmmm...where did she learn that from?) I would have to dig it out of my purse, hand it to her, and remind her to give it back to me before we got out of the van.

But no longer.

Now she has her own mirror:

And she can't lose it. ..At least not so long as she doesn't lose her purse. That long strip of fabric is sewn into the bottom of the center pocket. I'm not sure if you can read the words I wrote on there with fabric marker, but it's Proverbs 30:31; "Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised."

I love the response I got when Lezley unwrapped this. She squealed and threw her arms around me, and laughed so hard she could hardly say thank you.

I later found out why she was laughing; her gift to me was a purse, too!


Sandra said...

That is soooo neat, Amber!

That funny that you and your sister both ended up getting each other the same thing :)

It looks REALLY GOOD =]

Leah said...

Oh my Amber, those are beautiful gifts! I like the mirror attached to the purse idea and the verse is very appropriate!
I hope to write a Handmaiden of the Lord post soon! This has been a busy time for us.
Take care, Leah

Amber said...

Thank you, ladies! I sure had fun making it.

Leah, I do hope you get a chance to write A Handmaiden of the Lord post, because I always enjoy reading your posts. They are very challenging to me. But I do understand about being busy!