Thursday, January 22, 2009

Confession is good for the soul....?

Does your family ever discuss where certain sayings come from? Mine does.

Tonight my father and brothers were talking about the expression "all nine yards." By listening in to their conversation, I learned that the expression comes from football.


I was dumbfounded by my own naivety.

Not one to keep back astounding information, I decided to open my mouth and let everyone else in on the news.

"You mean it's talking about football yards?" I asked.


"Amazing. I always thought it meant fabric."

I don't know which came faster; rolling eyes or peals of laughter, but both were plentiful in our living room for the next minute. Of course I had chosen a time to speak up when the entire family was gathered together.

Mom and Heather looked at one another, and I could see their unspoken messaged exchanged by looks: "Yup, she's a seamstress alright."


Jenny P. said...

That's so funny! Thanks for sharing!

Sandra said...

Yeah, situations like that your family will remember for the rest of their/your life. I hope they let you live down though. I have to admit, there are stories about my family and myself that always come out when we're talking about the good ol' days and funny stories :)