Friday, January 2, 2009

Making Progress

Yesterday was my turn to work out in the cold wind. Curtis finished all the framework on Dad's greenhouse and, according to the unspoken bargain between us, whenever we two do a project together, Curt does the woodwork - which I'm not good at in the slightest - and I do the sanding and staining, which Curt doesn't like doing.

I finished staining just the roof yesterday. It took me 2 hours, and that was cold enough for me. I was going to do more today. But I think the wood is frozen.

I downloaded 69 pictures from our camera to my computer today. It's been so long since I've shared pictures on here, but hopefully my computer will behave for awhile, and I can share those 69 pictures a little at a time.

For now:
Celebrating the completion of the framing. Dimensions: 6'x6'x6'sloped to 8'. Didn't Curt do a great job? I drafted the "blueprint," showed it to him, and he made it come true. I love the door.

That's Curt on top of the greenhouse, acting a little goofy in his excitement and relief at finishing. It was a cold job. Justin, who helped Curtis quite a bit that last day, is doing the jumping. What a monkey. :) When I was staining, he kept swinging around and over the structure. I was waiting for him to get stain on himself, and he did eventually, but he just laughed.

I'm standing on the right side of the greenhouse, and Tiffany is standing on the left part of the greenhouse. She was quite a trooper; braving the cold to help Curt even more than me. She handed him nails, fetched things, held things, and kept him company. Way to go, Tiffy!

Here's Curt working on the greenhouse earlier. See the garden behind him?:) All that green is winter wheat. It will be tilled into the soil this spring.

And here I am holding the sides while Curt attaches them.

That's all for now, folks!

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all for Jesus said...

That is such a neat gift! It will be special because you made it, I am sure.