Thursday, January 29, 2009

The things they say.

I'm not sure why I'm writing this, but perhaps it's just because it gave me a smile, and I needed a smile. Maybe you do too.

Scene: Amber and Lezley outdoors. You'd hardly imagine there's been an ice storm yesterday, aside from the branches down all over the yard. The weather is clear, sunny, and almost approaching warmish. Amber is cleaning the cage of her rabbit, "Snickers," and Lezley is watching.

Lezley: "Why aren't you cleaning out all the bedding?"

Amber: "Because that part isn't dirty."

Lezley: "But she peed on it."

Amber: "No, this is just rain water that I'm draining out. She goes pee in her litter box."

Lezley: "How did the rain get in there?" (she gestures to the roof above the wire caging.)

Amber: "It blows in the sides."

Lezley leans closer, to inspect the contents in the waaaay back of the tray Amber is cleaning.

Amber sees, at the same time as Lezley sees, dark round balls in the corner of the tray.

Lezley: "Well, I can tell you one thing; she goes poop in here, because no rain ever went poop."

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Sandra said...

So sweet/cute. I think it's so funny the things you post on here that Lezley says to you and your family. Thanks for sharing it with us :)