Friday, January 16, 2009

A few thoughts from the mind of Amber

~ Pockets should be large enough to cram not only your hands into, but also part of your wrists.

~ Clothing should touch the floor and make a sort of seal there, preventing air from creeping under it.

~ Hair should be worn covering the neck, acting as a scarf.

~ Blankets should be accepted for daytime, not only nighttime, use.

~ Shirt sleeves should cover the longest fingertips.

~ Socks should be at least 1/4'' thick.

~ Cold water from the faucet should be outlawed.

~ The same thing goes for drafts under the front door...or back door. Or any door.

~ Computer keyboards should be heated.

~ While we're at it, heated floors aren't a bad idea either.

~ The value of rice bags cannot be measured.





....But I still think the schools in our city are strange to cancel because of the cold.


Jenny P. said...

LOL I hear you! My little brother has been out of school for these past two days, because it's too cold for bus riders and those who walk to school to be outside.

I've been snuggling my rice bag almost constantly for a few days now.

I hope you warm up soon! Have a blessed weekend!

Sarah G. said...

I'm not sure where in VA you are, but in our area it was 5 degrees this morning! 5!!! And it's getting down to 1 tonight.

By the way, I've been reading your blog for awhile but have never commented before. :) I came over from Alli's blog.

Amber said...

Welcome to my blog, Sarah G.! I'm so glad you've introduced yourself. We live about 1 hour from the southern border. I'm not sure how cold it got here today. I didn't want to look! :)

Marie said...

I definitely understand being cold. It was 20 below outside this morning. :) I hope there isn't anything wrong with using blankets during the day. I carried mine around all day. :)

Hope we all get warm soon. :)

Ruth Ann said...

hehe - I like that! Although, we live where it doesn't get as cold as that! Ok, you never mentioned a temperature, but I just imagine... It is supposed to get to around 30 tonight, but ya' know, that's barely freezing. It is quite cold...just it would be different if we were 'up north' and experienced some snowy cold "20 below" weather. :) Hope you stay warm! Blankets are perfectly fine to use during the day, I say.

Amber said...

I don't know what the temp. was today, but tonight it's suppose to get down to 1 degree. Brrrr!

Ruth Ann said...

you make me cold just thinking about it! :) I hope that you are all warm & cozy bundled UP in the house tonight! Keep warm. :)