Thursday, January 15, 2009

Life is uncertain

I don't have much time for a blog post today. Mom woke up feeling unwell, so I have jobs to do today that I didn't plan on. However, in lieu of a long written post, I thought I'd share a certain photo that I just love:

This photo is my laptop wallpaper right now. My sister Tiffany took it when she, Lezley, and I were in the kitchen making pumpkin butter this fall.

Just look at that plump seed! And the way the strands of pumpkin have caught the light. Can't you just feel the sliminess? Even the texture of the wax paper is clear.

A single seed: something we might easily overlook until the camera has focused on it, shutting out all other views. Then, suddenly, it become interesting. We see details. It becomes fascinating.

Life is like that.

Those little details; that breakfast I cooked this morning, and the dishes I washed...that "love pat" I gave Lezley this morning when she went skipping by....the "good morning" I said to Tiffany....they are all very insignificant when mixed in the swirl of life. But when you look at them by themselves....

Well, let's just say that I remember kind words and deeds done for me years and years ago. They will always remain in my mind, and I don't call that insignificant.

Not at all.


*Anna* said...

Oh Amber...we've been so busy, it's been too long since I've come and read your posts-I've been very touched and inspired by what I've read, though I'm not totally caught up yet! :) Anyway, I don't have alot of time now, just wanted to say I'm still here! :D


Amber said...

I'm so glad you've popped in on me again, Anna. I miss your kind posts. :) ...But I certainly know what it's like to be busy! Hope you and your family have had a lovely past couple of weeks.

Kathryn said...

I don't know when you posted this, Amber Sue, but I know I needed to hear it tonight! I appreciate how it made me ask myself what kind words or deeds I have done for others today that uplifted them, or what things I should have done or could do tomorrow.
Thank you for taking the time to encourage others through this special ministry. That is NOT insignificant!!