Monday, March 3, 2008


I am of the opinion that I have the best sisters in the world. And I'm not biased. No, sir. :)

Last night, my older sister and I were having one of our famous late-night talks before going to sleep. She asked me what I was going to post about on my blog today, at the same time I was opening my mouth to ask her the same question.

Discussing the options, we came up with a lovely idea: Sister Day.

The idea is, that on the first Monday of every month, we blog about being sisters. And this isn't just for us. We're inviting our readers to join in.

Why do you love your sister/sisters? What are the top ten best things about having sisters? Do you have a special memory that includes your sister? What do you do together to have fun? If you and your sister both blog, share your blogs with us so we can see how you are similar or different. If you could give your sister one thing - anything in the world - what would it be?

I have three wonderful sisters. One is two years older than I, and the other two are close in age to each other, but several years younger than I. Today, I'm sharing the top four (no particular order) best things about being a sister to all three of them. Ohhhh, it's hard to pick!

#1: Companionship.
A sister is always there. She's stuck with me....and, believe it or not, she likes that! She knows all the inside jokes. She knows what I like and dislike. She's a best friend.

#2: Being tough on one another.
I value the fact that my sisters tell me what they really think - without flattery. And I get to return the favor. Like iron sharpeneth iron, we improve one another by pointing out what shouldn't be done.

#3: Memories.
This is similar to reason #1. These three girls who are my sisters are the only three girls in the world who are my sisters. That seems simplistic, but it is marvelous. They know what it's like to be a part of this household. No other girls do.

#4: Having double sisters.
No, I don't mean having twin sisters. My sisters are mine twice - once by blood, twice by Spirit. The younger girls are just getting to the point where they are understanding what it is to be a part of the family of God, and my older sister and I have enjoyed this fellowship for a long time. We can pray together, discuss the Bible together...and so many other things.

I'd also like to share a quote I read this morning about sisters. I am sorry I cannot remember who said it, or I would give credit:

"Sisters are our mirrors and our opposites."

How true.

One last thing; please check out my older sister's blog for her contribution to Sister Day: a discussion on cleaning with sisters.

Make your contribution to Sister Day by leaving a comment here on what you think is special about being a sister!

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