Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A little of this, and a little of that

I made supper again last night. It was one of the easier menus I've tried; the BBQ chicken was in the slowcooker from 10:00am, and the potato salad was also made ahead, early in the afternoon. All I had to do at supper time was heat a can of beets from our garden, and set the table!

It also tasted nice. That's always a bonus. Can't always be sure, with me cooking.

The potato salad I made brought back memories, as it always does. This is a dish that I have made since I was old enough to use a kitchen knife. The recipe has been handed down three generations, I think. I think of it as "Mom's potato salad," and to me no other potato salad compares. It's a favorite of mine. I thought y'all might like the recipe. Forgive me for being a little vague, but like many other family recipes, it's "a little of this, and a little of that."

Mom's Potato Salad

10 potatoes
2 or 3 sticks of celery
3 eggs
1-3 cups of mayo or salad dressing (depending on how "soupy" or "dry" you like your salad)
2 or 3 squirts of mustard (depending on how well you like mustard - I don't!)

We have a Russian friend who taught us to make Russian potato salad. From her we learned to add:
1 or 2 carrots
1/2 a can of cold, drained, canned green beans
some dill pickles, cut into chunks

Boil all the veggies (except the celery, ...and the beans and pickles, if you use them!) and the eggs in one big pot. Remove the eggs from the water after 20-25 minutes, but leave the potatoes and other veggies in until they are soft, but not falling apart. Drain, and let everthing cool. (If you cool the eggs in ice water they will peel easier later.) Cut veggies (including celery) into bite-size pieces, and peel and slice eggs. (You can also peel the potatoes, but I leave the skins on.) Combine everything in a large bowl, add dressing and mustard (and beans and pickles, if you use them). Stir to coat. Sprinkle paprika generously over top. Serve at room temp. at once, or let chill in fridge for later.

Simple and yummy. It's really all a matter of making it "to taste," so every family will make it different.

Hope you enjoy!

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