Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Her Tongue

Yikes! The tongue is a little member, but what great fires it can kindle! This morning I have been pondering the verse "She openeth her mouth with wisdom, and in her tongue is the law of kindness." (emphasis mine)

The law of kindness. What does that mean? I keep asking myself that question. (Sitting at a sewing machine, working on a certain quilt that I really need to finish, is a great place for meditating.)

It means that when my sister is bothering me, I need to bite my tongue.

It means that when I fail to do the above, I must humble myself and go ask her forgiveness.

It means that when my mother asks me to do something that is not my normal responsibility, I must submit sweetly and cheerfully.

It means that I must make an effort to talk kindly to my little siblings - to let them know that they are not "bothers," but instead blessings.

It means a LAW. Like the law of gravity. My family, friends, and anyone I meet, should be able to count on the fact that anytime that I open my mouth, kindness will come forth. It's not just the omission of unkindness, but also the purposeful sending forth of kind words.

I'm afraid I flunk at this. ...But, like David prayed for the Lord to set a guard at his lips, I can also get help where help is to be found. I believe it is possible to develop a kind tongue. It is within the reach of anyone who knows the Saviour. What a tongue He has!

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