Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Hello again, everyone! I haven't posted on here in five days, and it's nice to be back.

My family spent Easter up in New York with my grandparents. Grandma and Grandpa live in a lovely little village, in the western part of their state. They still have snow up there! We went sledding on Saturday - lots of fun!! We also got to see three of our cousins, and our aunt and uncle. I would love to post pictures, but the camera is in use, so that will have to wait for now.

Easter morning dawned bright and beautiful. The sun made tiny sparkles appear all over the snow. The church building stood tall and white, like a picture on a puzzle.

Dad brought the Easter message, Heather and I played a piano duet, and all eight of us sang a special together. Nearly every time we visit that precious church, our family is allowed to do this; it's a honor and a blessing.

I found Dad's message very thought-provoking; "If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable." If Christ had died, but had not risen from the dead, we would have no hope! His death is not enough - He had to prove His power over death, for our justification.

But He DID rise! Glory! We need not fear death. He is alive! Because He lives, we will live too. What a Saviour!

.....So here I am, home again after a wonderful Easter, and a lovely visit with my grandparents,...
and with a long "To Do" list! Suitcases to unpack, errands to run, rooms to clean... ...I'd better go for now. Hope your Easter was as wonderful as mine!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Amber,
Sounds like ya'll had a wonderful Easter! He is RISEN indeed!
I've enjoyed reading your blog...keep posting!

In His Love,