Monday, March 10, 2008

"Sew...a needle pulling thread! 'La'... a note to follow Sew!..."

Sigh. My quilt still is unfinished. ...But I do have my navy blue thread now! I am halfway done the quilt's border. Should be finished soon...and then I will be posting pictures, Lord willing!

Meanwhile, I thought I would share another sewing project that I did for Christmas. This one was for my older sister, and was also an apron....

You'd have to know my older sister to understand why an apron is such a significant gift. You see, ...she hardly ever wears one. I, on the other hand, consider aprons to be almost necessities when in the kitchen, so I'm always trying to get her to wear one. I confess that I almost enjoy rubbing it in when she gets powdered sugar or flour all over herself when baking. ...But, as she points out, the messes seem to hit her shoes and sleeves the most often, and most aprons wouldn't cover her in those places.

But, hopeful sister that I am (or was), I decided to make her an apron for Christmas that she would like SO much she would just have to wear it. Since she basically breathes music, I found some fabric named "Sound of Music." Perfect.

Not quite. Though she exclaimed delightedly over the fabric, this apron has yet to be worn by my sister. It makes its home folded nicely in her hopechest, taken out occasionally to be looked at.
Ah, well, I tried.

...When we were looking together at patterns on the web the other day, we spotted a pattern called "apron chaps." It covers the wearer down to the shoes.

"Look at that - this is what you need!" I pointed out.

My sister just shook her head and almost rolled her eyes. I think she knows I'll never give up trying.

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What perfect fabric for Heather! I know she will love it! Thanks for your work here on this blog. I know I will enjoy visiting it often. Blessings,