Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Oh so good!

Today I'm going to make your stomach growl. It isn't always certain that my kitchen episodes will turn out well, but lately they have. Last Tuesday night I made supper, and on Saturday I made doughnuts - cream-filled, chocolate covered doughnuts. Mmmm!

The supper menu was baked beans and rice, with sweet potato biscuits. I've only made the sweet potato biscuits two or three times, but they are an already acclaimed family favorite. They disappear SO fast!

The baked beans are healthy and cheap...and yummy. My brother said this was the best batch yet. I keep tweaking the recipe. It was intended to be a two-day slow-cooker project, but I've made it an all-day-stove-top dish.

Here are the fattening pictures. Sorry I don't have time to share the recipe. These are sooo good! Like I said, cream-filled, chocolate covered, completely from scratch baked doughnuts. I also made some "healthier" doughnuts, which were sprinkled in sugar and cinnamon. They were good too!

Tonight I am making supper again; spaghetti pie, salad, rolls (my kind brother made these) and fresh apple pie. The apple pie is already done, and our house smells of spices and sweetness. Every breath is delightful.

I leave you to imagine with envy.

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About Us said...

WOW!!!! You make us want to abandon our SCD diet!!! YUMMY!!! What a cook you are!!! Thanks for sharing pics! Tracey