Friday, November 21, 2008


Thank y'all for praying!

Heather's surgery went well. Both plates were removed, and now she has no more metal inside to set off airport detectors. :)

Of course she is still in a lot of pain. This is the first surgery she's had that involved both sides of her body at the same time. Early this morning she had to have two pints of blood given to her - that's the first time she's had to receive blood after a surgery. She also isn't eating much at all, which her family completely expected, since we often tease her a little about her weak stomach, but the hospital staff wants her to eat - with good reason, of course. We were hoping that she could head home this afternoon, but now we're not sure she'll be able to do that until tomorrow.

Here at home, things are going well. I've had some great relationship-building times with my siblings today and yesterday. I really mean that. God has reeeeeally blessed me these two days. My siblings have been so wonderful. I am so thankful.

We haven't seen Mom and Dad much - they got home late last night, and left again this morning - but that's just the way things are for the present. Our extended family, church family, and other friends have been calling our house to see how Heather is, and it's been nice to be reminded how many people care.

My siblings and I are actually having quite of bit of fun. Once in awhile, it's interesting to see if you can get along alone, ya know? Of course we miss Dad, Mom, and Heather, but we know it's only temporary, and for the present we are enjoying running the house by ourselves.

Justin, my youngest brother, made lunch for us yesterday (he's quite a good chef!), and I wish I could show you a picture of how marvelous he made the table look. I didn't know he had that much artistic arrangement in him. :)

Tiffany went the extra mile in her chores yesterday, and cleaned the microwave for me. I loved that, since I hate cleaning that thing, but it needed to be cleaned.

School work is being done... on a small scale - Mom was good to me, and slacked the requirements for these two days. Most of my younger siblings' work this week is memory work. (Curtis, my older-younger brother, takes care of his own work.)

I love watching how everyone memorizes with a different method. Justin paces back and forth in a solitary part of the house, quoting his lines to himself over and over until he has them down. Tiffany sits by herself and murmurs the lines quietly, the stares into space and mouths the words. Lezley worked with me; skipping from one end of the living room to the other while she repeated what I read to her.

Oh - and I finally found something to do outside! By the way, thanks for all the input on that post. I really loved reading all the comments.


No, not "real" soccer. It's the way you play it with five people. You make a big pentagon all over the back yard, and kick a ball clockwise from person to person.

Then you add in a second ball. After sending one ball off to the person down the line from you, you have to turn back to receive the second ball from the person above you.

And you try to actually kick the ball in a straight line. :) (My siblings say I can't do that.)

It's fast paced, it's fun, it involves everybody - big and little....and I like it!

We spent a good amount of time outside yesterday. It's one of the first rules of peace; tired children are good children. :)

Today we were only out there 15 minutes; it was cold! We even had flurries this morning!!!! That is unheard of in our part of Virginia - snow before Thanksgiving!

Oh dear - I just remembered I'm suppose to be getting laundry done. I'd better put that load of towels in the dryer and put some clothes in the washer.

Bye for now! And thanks for all the prayer. God is good! God is good!

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Sarah said...

I am so glad that Heather's surgery went well! I will be praying that the recovery goes quickly and smoothly.

It sounds like you had some special times with your siblings!