Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I've got cabin fever

And it's still November.

I've been outside so much this summer that staying indoors now is really hard.

I guess I could just bundle up well and go out in the bare yard - and I might if things get desperate - but what would be the point?

In the garden, there's only lettuce to pick - and that's only every few days. [I think the frost will get our late-planted peas before they start producing. :(]

Hanging clothes on the line would be rather useless.

Going for a walk on the road would be cold on the upward stretch, going away from the wind, and freezing on the downward stretch, going into the wind.

Shooting baskets with the basketball is hard with frozen fingers.

I can't rake leaves without coming down with a fever for two days (though don't think I haven't been tempted to do it anyways!).

I've already done the fall trimming on the hedge.

The grass doesn't need to be mowed.

So I haven't been outside much.

Now, please don't think I have nothing to do indoors! I have plenty; dishes to wash, sewing projects to work on, emails to write, a blog to update, clothes to wash, dry and fold, music to practice...

...But nothing extremely active. Not the kind of active you get outdoors. And absolutely no lovely fresh outdoor air is floating around in my sewing room.

And I miss the abundance of green peppers, onions, squash, and tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes that were in our diet some weeks ago.

Yes, I think I've diagnosed myself with cabin fever.

I have to make it at least five more months. That's one month short of half a year!

Please - any suggestions for what I can do indoors that will give me that exhausted, full-of-fresh-air, boy-that-was-a-worthy-cause, feeling of being useful?

Yeeeesss....I could clean the bathtub. Definitely a profitable, useful job. I might even be panting by the time I'm done. (But - ugh - didn't I just clean that?)

And....I could make supper for Mom tomorrow. I think I would like that.

Hmmm...what else? I'm drawing a blank. I would sure appreciate any and all ideas y'all have!


Alethea Jordan said...

Aww...I'm sorry about not being able to go outside. =( I can't say that I have any ideas for what to do, though. =\ I've got that problem myself!

I didn't know you liked basketball! That's cool. Basketball's the best. =)

Leah said...

I am all with you on missing the garden, Amber! It is still hard for me to believe that it is over for the year.
You don't have a dog, do you? They always make very nice excuses for getting outside.

Do some jumping jacks and run in place, that will at least get you breathing hard...or better yet, start a pillow fight. Oops, don't tell anyone I said that! :)

Anna :) said...

Oh Amber, I hear you on that...winter seems to be my least-favorite season. But I should be grateful for ALL the seasons God has made...right?! I have to remind myself of that quite often! :)
But living on and farm with chores to do...and freezing cold weather?! Hmmm...going out in the icy-cold mornings and breaking up buckets of frozen water for the animals, milking goats with half-frozen hands, feeding cows...and it's even harder when there's ICE covering the ground and you can't seem to walk up the hill without slipping and falling more then once... :) But I AM so grateful for where God has us right now--even when chores are hard and its cold :), it's worth every bit of it when in the spring you see those lil' calves dancing across the pasture... :) If you can't tell, I'm already looking forward to spring SOO much!! :o)

I wish I had an idea for what to do, too...but maybe you will come up with one--and share it with us if you do! :)


Anonymous said...

I would suggest visiting a nursing home on a regular basis.

My family sings or plays hymns each (nearly) Lord's Day afternoon at a local Nursing Home. The residents, although you may not get much feedback, CHERISH it.

We've done it for about 10 months now, the residents and staff know us, and look forward to seeing us.

We visited a 98-year-old sister in Christ in her room who was unable to come to the Dining Room to hear us. Before we finished our 20-minute visit, she said it was "pennies from heaven" to her.

To watch an elderly person with their eyes closed - you think they're sleeping - sing JESUS LOVES ME with us is so precious.

Exhausting? Well, perhaps not in the way you meant it.

But it truly is special time.

In Christ,
Amy in NY

Bethany said...

You could always do crafts. That's always fun. Or go outside and get used to the cold weather that's what I do.