Monday, November 24, 2008

God seems to speak on the same theme to many people at once

For those of you who enjoyed reading this recent post of mine, I want to let you know that there's a great post on that topic over at Jasmine's blog. I'd encourage you to skip over there and read it!

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Amanda said...

That is a fabulous post on friendships!! She is so right! It often IS harder to relate to those who are younger than us when we are in our younger years. It's so easy to accidently treat them like "babies" when I don't really mean to, and it's easy to start talking to older girls and women like they're my best friends (which they might be). This whole issue is something that I deal with all the time: making sure that I treat youger girls with the same care and equality that I like to have from older women...
Thank you for linking to Jasmine's blog!
By the way, did you read her article a few weeks back entitled: "10 reasons why I don't want to be Vice President when I grow up"? That was very good, although very controversial! :)