Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I must be "into" short posts lately...

...cause I have a feeling this one will be brief, just like the past few posts.

I just wanted to say that I'm SOOOO in the mood to cook and bake.

In particular, bake bread. I'm so in the mood to make bread.

But it's a little late in the evening to start bread.

Maybe I will anyway.

I made biscuits yesterday - hoped that would help. I think it whetted my appetite. I still want to make bread!

First, I want to make a regular loaf.

Then, I want to make a molasses-honey-bread recipe that I haven't made in ages.

Then I want to try my hand at making burger buns. (Sure could use those tonight!)

Then I want to try flat bread.

Then maybe that Irish-cornbread I made up. (By the way, does anyone know if the Irish ever used corn?)

Then I want to try using different grains; I LOVE using a variety of grains in my breads! I'm just beginning to understand the science in bread making, and watching the different reactions I get by combining different ingredients fascinates me. (Hence the experiment with corn in the Irish bread!)

I love the confidence I feel in the kitchen - thank you, Mom, for putting me there at an early age! You patience astounds me, now that I look back on it. I sure made a mess of your kitchen plenty of times! Not to mention the un-edible creations I produced. :)

Give me unlimited access to ingredients, and I would be thrilled! I would love to try cooking with barley, millet, freshly-milled oats (not quick oats!), hard flour, soft flour, pastry flour, prairie gold flour, King Aurthur flour, bread flour, rice flour....just about any kind of flour! ...Except white. [grin]

That reminds me - one week from now, I plan to do a post on a "secret" ingredient I've just recently discovered the joy of using in anything bread. Stay tuned for that!

So...where was I?

Oh yes - a short blog post. Oh well for that idea. I just get carried away, thinking of all the recipes I would love to try. Isn't God good to me, to plant me in a spot where I can dream this way? I'm so thankful to be part of home life. No moving out into an apartment for me! (Who would eat all the stuff?)

I'm glad Thursday is Thanksgiving. I can't wait to spend all morning in the kitchen!

P.S. Yes, I do know Thanksgiving is about more than food. I'm just thankful for the chance to be in the kitchen!


Leah said...

I'll be on a trip, so...
Happy Thanksgiving Amber!
May our dear Lord Jesus bless you and family.
I am praying for you!
Love in Christ,

Amber said...

Thanks, Leah! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! Thank you for the prayers - I'm praying for you too.