Thursday, November 13, 2008

Confession is good for the soul

Just for the record, I do NOT like hanging out in my pajamas all morning. I'm one of those people who can't stand going to the breakfast table until I've gotten all dressed and ready for the day. (Well...maybe except for my hair.)

But every so often I'll get a little lazy or rushed, and end up eating breakfast in my pajamas and slippers. (PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one who has days like that!!!)

...So, now that you know I don't make a habit out of it, here are....

Thirteen Great Reasons to Always, Always, ALWAYS Get Dressed Before Breakfast:

#1 - Because you tend to feel lazy and sluggish if you don't.

#2 - Because it is more pleasant for your family to look at you.

#3 - Because a relative might unexpectedly knock on the front door just as you are getting up from the table.

#4 - Because your mother might answer the door before you have a chance to run to your room.

#5 - Because the front door just might lay between the kitchen and your bedroom.

#6 - Because you might have to hide in the corner behind the stove for fear of being seen in your rumpled state.

#7 - Because that certain relative might like to stay and talk for a loooooong time, and squatting down behind stoves is uncomfortable.

#8 - Because it is unpleasant for your siblings to die slowly from choking on swallowed laughter.

#9 - Because that certain relative might ask where you are, and your mother may call for you, and your little sisters may have to whisper the truth in her ear.

#10 - Because your siblings will have to block that relative's view so that you can duck into the room that contains your proper clothing.

#11 - Because you will have to rush really fast to get dressed.

#12 - Because that relative might greet you with a pleasant "so, have you been asleep all morning?" and your family will all choke in concert.

#13 - Because when that relative leaves, the house will be a rather warm place for you.

Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but I think it will be a long time before I feel like eating breakfast in my pajamas again!


Alethea Jordan said...

Oh, man! That stinks! =( I would hate to have that happen! ='(

Marie said...

Oh, that is soooooo funny! I was in my nightgown the other day before breakfast and Dad decided to play a trick on me. He opened the front door and greeted the boy that was going to work for him that day. I was terrified, fortunately Dad was just teasing. :s :) You're right, always get dressed as soon as you can!

all for Jesus said...

That is funny! (I bet that isn't what you were thinking:)) I HATE going out of my ROOM before I am out of my PJ's. I feel really sloppy if any of my brothers see me. I like to feel like I am actually awake when I am eating breakfast!! Thank you for being humble and sharing this story!

Amber said...

It was humiliating at the time, Alethea Jordan, but looking back on it makes me laugh. :) Thanks for the sympathy, though. :)

What a trick, Marie! We have played similar jokes on one another in my family, but I never thought something like that would ever happen to ME. It did teach me a good lesson. :)

Well, like I told Alethea Jordan, All for Jesus, it is funnier now when I'm looking back on it. What makes it bad, though, is I'm the one of the ones in the family who HATES to come to the breakfast table still looking half asleep - and the one day I get lazy....the unforeseen happens!:) Pride goeth before a knock on the door. :) :)

( : Anna : ) said...

Oh Amber, that IS so funny!! I'm one of those that is VERY rarely seen in the morning with pajamas on! :) Your post is yet another reason for me to add to my "list" of 'reasons why I get dressed as soon as I get up' :)