Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm off to clean the bathroom...

...and I mean REALLY clean the bathroom.

Clean the toilet, clean the sink, clean the (yikes) tub [I don't like that one!],organize the cabinet, clean the floor, wipe down shelves, clean the mirror, empty the trash...

Have I missed anything? Let me know if I have.

I used to hate cleaning the bathroom. I would even do dishes to get out of it - and dishes used to be that chore we children would toss back and forth; "it's your turn!" "No it's not!" "Mommy, I have more dish turns than she does!"

Now, in my old age [grin], dishes don't seem so bad, and neither does the bathroom...with the exception of the tub. I actually LIKE cleaning the toilet. I think it has something to do with the fact that I've got it down to a science. I've done it so often, all the steps are memorized, and I can almost do it in my sleep.

The tub, now...well, that's the one chore I'm still good at getting out of.

It used to be cleaning the toilet that I ran from, but then Mom gave me the sole responsibility to clean it. When no one else is cleaning that little gadget, you quickly decide that a few minutes of cleaning is better than having a clothespin stuck on your nose every time you enter the bathroom.

So I learned to like it.

I guess that proves what my parents say; you can learn to like a lot of things, if you just get to doing it. My Dad taught me to like green peppers by making me eat them every time they were served, instead of hiding them in my napkin. I'm glad he made me do what I didn't want to do. Now I can enjoy his omelets so much more!

...But I'm not quite ready to start liking to clean the tub.

...So, please, don't remind Mom of that.


Ashley said...

Hehe, I don't like to clean the toilet, but I don't mind the tub. When you are the only girl (besides your mother) in a houshold of 5 men/boys, you don't much like to clean the toilet. So that little job went to someone who wanted to do. :-) lol

Alethea Jordan said...

I don't really like cleaning the tub either. To this day, I can sometimes enjoy cleaning the bathroom, but it's not my favorite thing to do. :\

Alethea Jordan said...

Oh, and did I mention that was my goal for today, too?

Amber said...

Wow, Ashley; you must have a lot of cleaning responsibility fall on your shoulders! Want to come over and clean my tub for me, if I clean your toilet? :):)

Hope your cleaning is going well, Alethea Jordan. P.S. I got your email; I'm praying for you.