Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm a little lonely...

I'm wondering how all y'all are. Are all my blog friends doing well?

Ya know, I'm thankful the Lord has made it possible for me to have friends from all over the world, through technology. Some of you, ladies, I know in "real" life, but many of you I would not know if it weren't for the blog world. I'm so glad we've met.

I guess I just want to say hello, and thanks.


Leah said...

Hi Amber, I have been pretty sick for a while. When I wrote that last post saying that I was getting better...well, I had a setback.
But now, I think that I actually am getting better. Praise the Lord for that! I don't like being sick, but He has a reason for it and I did get to read the Bible a bunch.

I have been praying for you Amber and you know, it really does feel like you are a sister of mine.

Have a blessed day in Him.
Love in Christ,

Anna :) said...

It had been just lovely getting to "meet" you through your blog! It's encouraging to read about the lives of other young ladies that have many of the same desires and are striving to serve the Lord at home. :) Perhaps someday we shall be able to meet in person...and if not, we KNOW we will meet in our heavenly home--what joy!