Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Update on that stubborn Denim

I've been soaking those denim pieces for 12 hours now. They still look about like they did after soaking for three hours - maybe a wee bit lighter.

This afternoon, I was telling one of my sewing students about my latest project, and she said that maybe the denim would get holes in it after all that soaking in bleach. I immediately had visions of Swiss cheese denim.

...But what do I have to loose? I can't use them now anyway - might as well leave them in there until morning.

Until then!

I go to sleep with the smell of bleach in my nose and the taste of Swiss cheese on my tongue.

(Just kidding.)

P.S. What if I reverse it; "The taste of bleach and the smell of Swiss cheese"? Which is worse?


Alethea Jordan said...


That's all I have to say. =P

Sarah Jane said...

Oh dear, I sympathize with you in your bleaching dilemma. I don't know why the bleach didn't quickly turn the denim white. I use a bleach pen on the baby's clothes since that is the only thing that will take out baby diaper stains and if I get even a teensy bit on my clothes I'm wearing it turns white. :( Maybe you are not using a strong enough solution of bleach? I second Nona's suggestion of using dye remover. Hopefully you will be able to work this out and still use the denim! :)