Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another Quote

"Do not call me morbid, but I look forward to death. What is this feeling in me? I will try to tell you.

"Find me a young woman who is exceptionally close to her family. She is the kindest, sweetest sister, confident and companion to every sister and brother. She adores her little siblings, and looks up to every older sibling. Her parents? She admires them abundantly. She wants their input in her every decision. She loves to be surrounded by her family, and her life with them is abundant and fulfilled.

"Then she meets the man she is to marry. Suddenly, though her love for her family has not decreased in the slightest, she has no other desire than to be near this one. He is all she wants. She wants to hear his voice, she dreams of being in his arms, she wants to talk with him, laugh with him, be with him. She longs after him with all her heart.

"Has she forsaken her family? Does the world call her morbid because her past life no longer is enough, and she longs for her future life with her dear one? No indeed. It is perfectly natural. A girl this close to her family will shed tears on her wedding day, and her heart will ache to leave them, but will be wild with delight at the same time.

"Therefore, call me morbid if you will, but I am wild with delight at the thought of death - the thought of meeting my bridegroom."


Clare Marie-Therese Duroc said...

That's a beautiful quote... who is it from?

A longing for death can hardly be called morbid, as what it is in reality is a passionate love of life and a longing for the eternal kind... with the Creator of all life.

Sandra said...

Amen =]

I have always wanted to die too. Just because I'm sick of the world and it makes me long for my real Home, but mostly just to be with God.

I don't think it's morbid to want to die just so you can be with God.

Amanda said...

WOW!! That's powerful! I have to admit, I DO look forward to going home to Heaven!