Thursday, April 9, 2009


I'm soaking that infamous denim in the bathtub with dye remover and boiling water right now.

It's my last resort - I have no other ideas to try if this doesn't work...though I may be able to think some up. :)

I wish y'all could have seen our stove top a few minutes ago; packed with water-filled pots, all bubbling away. Now it's our bathroom that's bubbling away - it's like a sauna in there. The dye remover I added to the water smells like hot baby wipes...and therefore the bathroom smells like-wise. The package instructions say "avoid breathing" ...breathing the fumes, that is. ...So I've warned folks to hold their breath if they go in there.

Yesterday, I sprayed the pieces with a dye remover and water from a spray bottle, then set them out in the bright sun for several hours. That didn't work well - ah, well, it was just an idea.

Don't you love all my ideas? I like trying them. Even when they don't work. Course, I like it best when they do work! But it's the trying that fascinates me. Some of my family members don't get it, but to me the chase is the thrill - the attempt is the excitement. If it works, great! If it doesn't, I tried. Trying counts for me.

Anyway, a box-elder bug had spent the night in my fabric, for he fell out into the bathtub when I put the denim in there.

"Avoid breathing."

Bugs breathe through their skin.

What an awful way to die.