Saturday, April 4, 2009


I've had a lovely day, working hard cleaning our church and fellowshipping with everyone else who turned out for church-clean-up day.

Cleaning windows can be entertaining, ya know? 'Specially when it's windy, and you're sitting on the window ledge of a second-story window with your feet hanging inside, and your paper towels keep blowing away.

But that's beside the point. My reason for writing was just to remind y'all - because it's been on MY mind a lot lately - that prayer is indispensable. God has really been impressing that on my heart lately. I NEED prayer. Nothing's gonna happen just because I try to manipulate, or control, or even follow all the biblical instructions I can think of. I need breath, life breathed in the nostrils of my work - and that breath of life is prayer.

Don't go scuba-diving without an oxygen tank. Don't sit on a high windowsill without something to hold on to. And don't live without breath.

Don't live a spiritual life without prayer.

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Amanda said...

That's a great reminder - thank you!