Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rejoicing Mothers

Proverbs 23:24-25
"The father of the righteous shall greatly rejoice: and he that begetteth a wise child shall have joy of him. Thy father and thy mother shall be glad, and she that bare thee shall rejoice."

I just felt like writing about this tonight. I'm starting something new here at The Fruit of Her Hands; Rejoicing Mothers posts. Let me talk a bit, and then I'll tell you how this works.

First of all - why the title "Rejoicing Mothers"? It comes from the verse you just read. (If you skipped it, go back and read it!)

"...She that bare thee shall rejoice." Doesn't that touch you? Really, how many times do you stop and think about the fact that your mother gave you life? (I know God and your father had a lot to do with it too, but you know what I'm meaning.)

Our mothers carried us in their wombs for many long months. They cared for us when we were helpless. They teach us and guide us. We owe so much to our mothers, and the Bible clearly teaches that we are to hold them in highest regard, to love and honor them, and to rise up and call them blessed. She is to be our queen - and we her ladies-in-waiting. She ought to be beautiful and good in our eyes.

I've been thinking today about how much mothers give of themselves, and how they encourage their children and husbands. And I decided it ought not be one-sided.

So here's what these "Rejoicing Mothers" posts are going to be about. I want to share one thing that I do on purpose to rejoice my mother's heart. It will be hard for me to hold it down to one thing per post, because I have many ideas floating through my head. I wish I actually did them all! This will be good for me, because if I don't actually do the idea, I'm not going to let myself write about it. :)

Here's something I did today. It's a seemingly small thing, but I know my mother pretty well, and I know this is something that she likes. It's helping in the kitchen before supper.

Doing these "little things" aren't always easy. Mothering isn't easy either, so I guess it's fair. :) Today I wanted to come do some stuff on my computer, and we'd been out all morning and afternoon. (Passing out tracts at the flea market again! ...Ah, too many stories for one post!)

Anyway, ...I was in a hurry to get busy doing what I wanted to do, and I knew the kitchen was in a bit of a mess since we'd been gone most of the day, and I wasn't at all in the mood to attack it. I felt willing to go in and lend a bit of a hand - maybe clearing the table - but I knew if I stepped in the kitchen at all I'd be drafted for longer duty.

But I knew Mom was just as tired as me, and she hates messy kitchens just as much as I my conscience led me to the kitchen. Sure enough, Mom asked me to help slice potatoes for fries.

I guess she saw my face fall. When I explained that I had other plans, she quickly said "Oh, just get the chopper out, then, and I'll do it."

I couldn't do it. I couldn't leave her with all the work and go browse the computer. I stayed and helped chop the fries. And, while my guilty conscience had a bit of a part in that, the main reason I stayed was because I wanted so much to rejoice Mom's heart. I wanted to make her heart sing.

So that's my "little suggestion" for this post. Girls, help your mother in the kitchen. It is a shame if any mother in any family with daughters does all the meal prep alone. Your willingness to come work alongside her and be there with her will encourage her even more than your practical help. Take the time to learn self-sacrifice from your mother and thus rejoice her heart.

Now, ladies, please participate in this. Daughters, tell me something you've done recently that rejoiced your mother's heart. If you can't think of anything, get busy and then come tell us about it! We can all use ideas.

And mothers, please help us by gently letting us know what kind of things rejoice your hearts. We want to know. We want to make you rejoice.



Alethea Jordan said...

I read this last night, and I couldn't think of a comment. I had NO idea how to "rejoice my mother's heart".

Well, this morning at church, I were in the ladies room and someone asked me if I was "Grace's daughter". They proceeded to ask if I went to the church school and when I said I was homeschooled they asked if I liked it. I said I wouldn't want to go to school. I liked being homeschooled. I do! But the later after church, Mom told me I "blessed her heart" and I didn't even know it. She told me she was in the room the whole time!

Just thought I'd share this. It's funny how I couldn't think of anything, and then God brought something along. =)

Sandra said...

Well, I few nights ago, I did some dishes late at night after my mom was in bed because I didn't want her to have to get up and do them in the morning, and besides, she's been so busy lately.
That great the you helped your mom Amber, and sure it did rejoice her heart =]

Anonymous said...

I know that when my daughter (16)offers to help out in some way I do rejoice. I usually avoid asking her for help because then I might see 'that look' on her face - the one I'm sure your mother saw on yours ;) and what I had hoped to be a time of togetherness might be instead a big sigh fest, with her work not done willingly and I may end up doing things over after.

When she seeks to help me I know she wants to do something kind for me and is thinking of me or she wants to be around me, usually to talk. (hmm, or she wants something-lol) I treasure that time.

Your mother is blessed to have you :)

Amber said...

Thank you so much for leaving comments, ladies! All three of you blessed me with what you wrote.

Alethea, isn't that just like God? He is so faithful to always provide opportunities if we really want to do something good. I wish I took every opportunity He gives me! Thanks so much for sharing this.

Sandra, good for you, helping out like that! I have to share with you; on Sunday afternoon, the day after I wrote this post, I had a huge struggle in the area of self-sacrifice, during lunch prep-time. Thinking of what I had just written helped me. I sure didn't want to let selfishness get the best of me after writing about how that isn't God's will for us!

Angelique, thanks so much for commenting! And thank you for the gracious way you shared with us something practical that we daughters can apply in our lives. I was really hoping mothers would take me at my words and give us some advice. Thanks for doing so!

Leah said...

I know that my Mother's heart rejoices when I begin making dinner, or wash the dishes without her asking. It brings joy to me to know she is rejoicing!
She also rejoices when she walks past my room and sees me on my knees and knows that I am praying for her.
When we are asked to help out when we have other plans, it is great to adjust our attitude before the Lord who sees our hearts. One way that my Mother taught me to do this (without knowing it) is to start singing praises to the Lord. He said to praise Him in ALL things, so that would be even when we don't feel like it and/or don't like something. I know my Mother's heart rejoices when she hears me singing hymns while I work.