Saturday, April 18, 2009

Eventful Morning

Well! We're back safe and sound from our local flea market. Heather, Curtis, a friend of ours, and I spent the morning doing some soul-winning over there.

Curtis, our friend Eugene, and myself played guitar, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, Dobro, and fiddle all morning long. The music attracted quite a little crowd, and then Heather (and me, sometimes, when I wasn't playing) would pass out tracks and preaching CDs to the listeners. Between songs we'd all stop and talk to the people.

We arrived there at 6:00 this morning, while the moon was still up. (This place is so popular that if you get there at 7:00 or later you won't get a spot to set up your booth.) Whew! was it cold! We set up the tables and tent/canopy, and laid out our materials on the tables with frozen fingers, then stuck our hands in our pockets and bounced up and down or huddled in a folding chair. I stomped my sandal-clad feet to keep a bit of feeling in them.

The sun came up at 6:30, giving us light, and people began to flow in. We unpacked our instruments and began to play, but it was very difficult with frozen fingers. As I tried to hit the right notes on my mandolin, my fingers felt as if they were two inches wide, and clumsy as a dizzy child. We teased one another, however, and stuck it out. People stopped to listen, and loved it. They even started giving us donations, though we told them we weren't there for money.

We finally did warm up around 9:00. We even began shedding our coats. (Later on it reached 80 derees.) Lots of musicians stopped by. (This is the kind of place where you smell cigarette smoke, see lots of men's belts with large shiny buckles, most everyone has a tan, half the crowd is wearing hats, and everybody loves bluegrass music.) We loaned out our instruments to a few older men who looked like they were dying to join in. I tell you, it is the most interesting thing to see a lean sun-beaten man put his roughened hands around the skinny neck of my fiddle or mandolin, and make those strings talk while he belts out a hymn in a voice that you would never expect to hear those words from.

One man in particular was an excellent fiddler, and made me almost jealous, the way he could make Selah (the name of my fiddle) sing like a song bird. He gave me some excellent tips.

Everybody loved hearing the Dobro and banjo, especially, and when they're so enthralled by the music, it's so easy to get them to take tracts and things. Lots of folks wanted to know what church we go to, and two or three promised to come visit.

You know what else made this morning interesting? Eugene (the banjo and Dobro player) told me that he heard my name on the radio this week! I could hardly believe it.

You see, Dad had heard a local talk-show host mention on the air a few weeks ago that she loves to buy American-made things, but can't find a good source for American-made clothing. Dad came home and told me, "Amber, you ought to drop her an email and tell her you have a home-run sewing business, and offer to sew some clothes for her!" It seemed a little far-fetched, but I did.

I never heard back from the lady, so I assumed she wasn't interested. Now, Eugene tells me she mentioned me on the radio!!!! She told people my name and email address, and that I have a sewing business. I can't believe it. My name on the radio! Wow.

Anyway...I've had a very eventful day so far. *grin* Thanks to everybody who prayed for us. Please, continue praying for those who we talked to or who received tracts and CDs. May God use those things to work on their hearts.


Clare Marie-Therese Duroc said...

It sounds like the ideal day! I wish I could have brought along my own fiddle and guitar and joined you. You brought back to me so many fond memories of going to the local fairs and meeting all those great musicians... *sigh* Thanks for sharing; it was a delight to read!

Sandra said...

I"m so glad it went well, I was hoping it would.

That's so cool that you were mentioned on the radio!!! I'm so excited and happy for you. Maybe you'll get more business this way and be able to minster to the people you make things for =]

Alethea Jordan said...

That is totally AWESOME, girl! =)

ILiveToWorship said...

Hey Amber,

I posted tonight about our outing on Saturday. We went to a local park. The weather wasn't supposed to be good but it turned out beautiful and the park was full of needy souls. We saw two actually pray to be born again and many others touched by the seed of the Word of God. May His Word continue to abound more and more as we go forth and fulfill the great commissions! Blessings, Sarah from

Leah said...

Praise God Amber!
What a neat way to share the gospel. I pray that God will use the witness to bring people to Himself.
That is great that your name was broadcasted on the radio!

Esther Zimmerman said...

Oh, that sounds so wonderful! I wish we had flea markets up here! God bless!

Sarah Jane said...

Praise the Lord! What a delightful day it sounds to be. Sending out the seed of God's Word . . .bluegrass music (my favorite!) and your sewing business and name on the radio! How cool is that?!