Saturday, September 27, 2008


Well, well, well!

I do realize that I left blogging world on Thursday - rather abruptly, and without notice. I never even got around to writing a Family Friday post! Sorry about that.

I hope this doesn't sound bad, but I really haven't missed BlogLand very much - I've been too busy. And I've been having lots of fun. My grandparents from New York are visiting us!

It's always so wonderful to have them with us, and their visits always seem too short. We're trying to fit in as much as possible before they leave us - hence my absence here.

A few hours ago, Grandpa and I were busy making rolls. Grandpa is a great cook, and it's loads of fun to have him in the kitchen! He tells all sorts of stories about years gone by, and always gets me laughing.

I've also been showing Grandma all my latest sewing projects, and listening to the family history she knows I love to hear.

Heather, Curtis, Justin, and I have also been busy practicing for an offertory at church tomorrow. I love playing with my siblings. I hope that someday soon Tiffany and Lezley will have learned instruments well enough to join in, and we'll all be able to play together.

Oh - thanks for the interesting discussion on clutter in small houses. :) Just so y'all know, I did finish cleaning both my hope chest and part of the closet shelf on Thursday. Yippee! The top of the hope chest looks sooo much better.

It tends to usually be piled high with books that I was reading before I fell asleep,...

...and papers and pens that accumulate during the day,...

... and two or three crocheting and embroidery projects that I like to keep handy,... lamp and alarm clock,...

...a jar full of loose change,...

...research supplies (from teaching history to my siblings),...

...and other odds and ends.

Now it's down to just my lamp, alarm clock, Bible and notebook, a few little jars containing loose stuff, and one pretty basket to hold a crocheting project. Improvement, yah?

I still want to better organize my closet. Heather and I share a rather small area for our clothes, and I'm always looking for ways to maximize our space. Any ideas?


Leah said...

What instrument do you play Amber? and what do your brothers and sister play?

Space is a problem for me too, especially since there isn't a closet in our house. We had to "make" closets with hooks screwed into the walls and long wooden rods for hanging hangers on.

Grandparents are a great blessing, I am glad you are having such a good time with them.

Amber said...

Thanks, Lea. We ARE having a wonderful time with Grandma and Grandpa.

I play the mandolin and violin. My brothers play the guitar, harmonica, and banjatar (yes, I spelled that right!), and my sister plays the flute and piano.

I like your new profile picture. :)

Amber said...

P.S. Sorry for the typo, LeaH! I do know how to spell your name! :)

Sarah said...

It sounds like you have wonderful grandparents, Amber! What a blessing!

As for how to organize your closet . . . Leah and I also share a room combined with our sewing room, and even though the room is rather large, storage is at the minimum! Combine all of our belongings, clothes, etc. and then add in all the sewing supplies, fabrics, business related items, etc., we have a great deal of 'stuff' in our room! :) Thus, we have had to work a great deal (and it is a continual work in progress) to organize and make use of every little space, plus to keep it that way! :)

In our closet we use boxes to put things in, baskets hold our crochet, cross-stitch or quilting projects. We also make use of the room underneath our beds! That is where the majority of my fabric scraps go (in boxes of course!), and my box of dried flowers, and many more things. I hope that you are able to have victory over your clutter problem! ;) Have fun organizing! :)

By the way . . . that is wonderful that you were able to organize the top of your hopechest! It sounds like it looks very nice now. :)