Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ah, Autumn...

Nope, it isn't Autumn yet. But I guess the trees don't know that. Their leaves are already starting to drop to the ground and turn brown. Maybe it has something to do with the drought we've had this summer.

No, these pictures didn't come from our yard. But a few (very few) of the trees around here are actually starting to turn pretty colors.

I like lots of things about autumn. The sights. Vibrant reds, yellows, oranges and deep purple. The bright green of the evergreens, standing out more than ever.

The smells of Autumn; pumpkin pie, spice, cold brisk winds, fireplace smoke, dirt, cookies, wool, flannel...

I like changing my wardrobe to soft browns, cozy oranges, plaid greens, ribbed reds. I like being able to wear layers without sweltering. I like wearing cardigans.

But, as I said, it's not autumn yet. These things are coming soon, but not yet.

Sigh. But the leaves are already falling.

I really don't like falling leaves.

I don't like seeing anything die, but my reason for hating the leaf-falling process is a little more selfish than just that.

I'm allergic to dead leaves. Ugh. Right now my eyes are watering and my nose is red. That's just from walking in the yard. If I were to spend an hour or two raking leaves, I could plan to spend the next day or two with a fever, feeling miserable.

But I love to rake leaves! I love to be outdoors, and see what God is doing next.

But in autumn, I go back and forth; do I want to be outside, or don't I?


Alethea Jordan said...

That isn't fair! I couldn't stand having allergies to fall!

Sarah said...

I, too, love autumn, Amber, and am very much looking forward to it! It is not very far away now, and the cool weather we have had the past few days makes it seem even nearer.

I am so sorry that you have such bad allergies to leaves! :( That would be difficult. Though, it sounds like you have a good attitude despite the allergies! :)

Amanda said...

I agree, Amber Sue; Autumn is beautiful! I do suffer from a few allergy effects in the fall, but nothing like you do! That's a blessing! Also, it's funny that you should post this article today, because the past few days, we've been starting to get a tiny bit of fall weather, and it's beautiful!! I think Autumn is one of, if not my favorite time to go outside! The cool, crisp breezes on mright sunny days just make it so refreshing!! :)

Amber said...

Thanks, gals. It's funny to know that your, Sarah and Amanda, are both having cool weather in your areas as well.

I HOPE I can keep a good attitude, Sarah. :) All day I've been feeling as if I've peeled a dozen onions. Potent! I hope this doesn't stay as bad ALL fall. :) But hey, I'm alive! "Wherefore doth a living man complain?"