Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Spider's Web

Right now, I just feel like writing a rambling post, following the thoughts of my head, which are quite ramble-ish right now.

Today is my younger sister's birthday. Tiffany and I are very close, and I'm glad she's had a wonderful day so far. It's fun to see her so happy. I love you, Tiffy!

I have an afghan-in-progress sitting on my lap as I type. I was working on while I browsed some of the blogs I read. It's my newest project, started just today. It's made with blue and green cotton yarn, ever so soft and supple. The pattern is one I've created myself, and it looks like ocean waves.

Sometimes I think I'm crazy, starting so many projects at once, but this is a gift for someone, so I "must" make it.

...Besides, starting a new project is fun!!! :)

Oh - exciting news! THE PEAS AND BEETS SEEDLINGS ARE UP! I found them yesterday afternoon as I browsed through the garden with a friend. I was very surprised to see them, since I planted them only about a week and a half ago, but I soaked the seeds in water for several hours before planting, and that is supposed to shorten the germination time.

It's so wonderful to look around at the fading leaves and brown plants in the yard, then look down at the tiny slivers of green poking their new heads through the soil in our garden. This is our first year planting fall crops, and I love it. It's like a second spring.

Speaking of brown and green... the world is so beautiful since receiving that gigantic rain shower six days ago.

...I'm curious; how many of you were praying for us to receive rain? I posted on here once before, asking for your prayers for rain (this was back in June, I think), and right after that we got several weeks of rain. Then, a few days before we left on vacation this month, I asked y'all to pray for rain, and again the Lord answered!

So, how many of you were praying? Will you leave me a comment and let me know? Isn't our God wonderful? His ways are marvelous.

I have another prayer request; this one even more serious. A few minutes ago, I received an email containing this message:

...This is a time of mourning in India. The situation is critical in India in the state Orissa, the neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh and around 30 km from the place where we are having a Children Home in Paderu. Right now there are tensions in the villages and many districts. Hindu mobs of around 700-800 are attacking villages where the Christians are during the nights and burning the whole villages. The unofficial report from the Christians is that at least 950 Christians are missing and around 50 churches are burned along with whole villages where the Christians live are burnt. We are planning to go and visit some of the villages to assess the situation in one week time. But in the mean time we urge every brother and sister in Christ to pray for the Christians who have lost their homes and in fact everything. We do not know the intensity of the need but one thing we know is that there is immense need for food provisions and need to build homes, churches. Please do pray for the need. I also request you kindly send this update to friends for their prayers...

I have a special place in my heart for the country of India, and this report makes my heart ache. I know God is still on the throne, as has not forgotten how to be merciful, but who can say if He has chosen to use persecution to further His church? He has done it in China. This may be what the church there needs.

Or it may be the devil roaring like a lion as he hunts down those he hates. How are we to know?

All I know is that I instantly want to cry out to God "please stop these people!" I am glad to know that He is in control, and that He sees everything that is happening. I am glad to read the Psalms, where David constantly affirms that God's eye is over the righteous, and He will lift them up and set them on the solid rock, though their enemies surround them.

Please, God, do it again!

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Sarah said...

I forgot to comment on this post, Amber! To answer your question . . . yes, I prayed for rain for you all! So glad that the Lord blessed you with some! :)