Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What I'm doing right now...

I'm sitting at our kitchen table.

The windows show that the outdoors are dark and dreary, despite the clocks saying 10:17am. Water is dripping steadily from the droopy green leaves.

All of my younger siblings are in the kitchen with me. Mom isn't feeling well today, so she laid down briefly, and we have been left to ourselves for the moment.

To my left, Tiffany is drawing a picture of a horse in her big drawing notebook. To her left, Justin is sketching house blue-prints; one of his favorite amusements, and one that I believe I started him on. So what if we can't afford to build any of the dream houses we come up with? It's fun to dream.

Across the table, Curtis is also sketching. On the other side of the kitchen, Lezley, our youngest, is practicing a speech she wrote. I had to help her spell about every other word. It was a good lesson in patience, and I was glad I passed the test. It was worth it, to hear her recite what she wrote.

Her topic was bananas and apples. She described what she knew about them, then ended by saying, "Isn't this amazing? God made these, and much more. So MUCH more! He even knows how many hairs we have. Isn't that amazing? And we are going to live forever, in either Heaven or Hell. You need to think about that."

I suddenly realized that she has heard her older siblings and parents constantly talk about being evangelistic in everything. She's paid close attention, apparently.

There are certainly worse things she could be learning from us. :)

Sometimes, being an older sister is rewarding beyond my wildest dreams.

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